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WELLOG has been a world leader in online training for Geophysical Well log interpretation.

WELLOG provides Well Log interpretation for clients all over the world.

WELLOG has also been actively involved in Geophysical Survey interpretation.

WELLOG provides interpretation of CGG DIGHEM Survey Data.

Contact info@wellog.com for a quotation on Well Log or DIGHEM interpretation services.


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WELLOG is a leader in the design and manufacture of Geophysical exploration systems for surface and Sub-surface applications.

If you are looking for anything buried in the earth ask WELLOG.

WELLOG has inclinometer sensors that detect earthquakes, avalanches and earth movement!

WELLOG has system hardware and software for every application from the smallest to the largest.


WELLOG has developed new tools for measuring Turbidity and Settleable Solids in Water. Ask about our Nephelometer!

Email info@wellog.com for a quote or answers to questions on surface Geophysics and Geophysical logging.

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