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Many complex functions in electronics are performed using integrated circuits. In the Geophysics industry, hundreds of specialized functions are

Needed for applications common from one segment of the industry to another. Complex circuits involving numerous integrated circuits in prior art

systems are being reduced into single chip Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICís).


WELLOG has been involved in simplifying early technology circuits using modern ASIC designs. ASICís have many advantages when compared to

early methods of integrated circuit design. In mixed signal (analog and digital) systems, very precise timing can replace circuits that are prone

to change operation and often fail when temperature changes or aging of components occur.


In fact many early systems are no longer functional due to failed subsystem components that are no longer available.


Modern ASIC upgrades are possible to produce that improve prior technology and update early systems.






An application may need to display data on a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). WELLOG has an ASIC that will receive serial or parallel data and display

the data on a common LCD display. The ASIC is called an LCD ASIC.


Multiple LCD displays are possible that provide different aspects of system settings and data types.


Modern OLED display technology can improve a design by adding a graphic display.




Depth sensing applications use a Quadrature encoder to measure the rotation of a calibrated depth measurement wheel. As the wheel rotates,

it generates two signals that indicate the amount of rotation and the direction of rotation. WELLOG has developed an ASIC that will convert

the Quadrature signal into a four digit depth in ASCII format. The depth can be displayed on a laptop computer using a standard RS-232, RS-422

or USB serial data input. A second option is to display the depth reading on a LCD display using the LCD ASIC above. The Quadrature decoder

is called a QUADRATURE ASIC.




Logging applications may require sensing and conversion of temperature into a binary value. The binary value may need to be transmitted

over a serial communication cable in ASCII format, by radio frequency, or directly to a laptop or LCD for display purposes. WELLOG has developed an

ASIC that combines all of these functions into one chip called a TEMP LOGGING ASIC.


For two channel logging applications, WELLOG has developed an ASIC that measures two analog signals, converts the signals into binary form

And transmits the data in serial ASCII format for display on a standard laptop or serial LCD display. An application example is measurement of borehole

inclination on two axes The ASIC is called an INCLINATION LOGGING ASIC.


WELLOG is continually developing new ASICs as more applications present themselves!


Ask WELLOG about how ASIC designs can help you modernize an old system or develop a new one!


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