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Electric logs are a select group of logs that use the flow of electric current in the formations surrounding a well for measurement. The names of the logs that fall within this group and their hydrologic applicability are as follows:


NAME:                                                  Lithology         Bed                  Formation        Invaded           Flushed            Mud (1)       Formation

                                                            Correlation      Thickness         Resistivity       Resistivity       Resistivity            Resistivity       water Resistivity


1. Single Point Resistance (SPR)        X                      X


2. Short Normal                                   X                      X                                              X


3. Long Normal                                                                                    X                                                                                              X


4. Lateral Device                                                                                 X                                                                                              X


5. Wall Resistivity                                                       X                                                                      X                      X


5. Focused resistivity (Guard)            X                      X                      X                                                                                              X


6. Micro focused                                                          X                                                                      X


7. Induction                                         X                      X                      X                      X


8. Spontaneous Potential (SP)           X                      X



Note: (1) Use mud kit for mud pit samples


Links to pages that give expanded information on these logs are provided above.


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