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Recent developments in solid-state integrated circuit gyroscopes have made low cost directional instrumentation possible.


WELLOG has been actively involved in borehole directional survey technology. In our quest for higher performance, low cost

directional sensors, we have discovered a two inch by two inch, six degrees of freedom sensor system. This incredible system

contains three gyroscopic position sensors oriented in three axis combined with three solid-state accelerometers that provide

gravitational tilt information. This system is complete with a microcontroller that performs the low-level communication with the

sensors and provides the user with a communication link to the sensor platform.


Applications include airborne, marine, surface UAV and downhole navigation.





Solid state rate gyros operate on the concept of mass-inertia. When a mass at rest moves, there is a corresponding inertial effect.

A rate sensing solid-state gyro generates an output proportional to the rate of change in position. Rate gyros are sampled at a

constant rate to measure the rate of change in position over a given period of time.  Software performs a calculation that gives

relative position based on the sum of the rates of change in different directions over time.




A rate gyro is positioned at 0 degrees and changes position at a rate 4 degrees per second in a right hand direction for ten seconds.

It is easy to determine the new angular position is 4 x 10 = 40 degrees. 


More options are available when the sensor platform is connected to a high performance microcontroller board. The expanded

platform can provide user communication with an almost unlimited number of possible data output formats. Memory logging options

can be added.


Serial data communication is possible in many different combinations of speed, and line driver methods including Bluetooth RF.





When rate gyros are used in combination with accelerometers, a very robust position sensing platform becomes a reality. This

position sensing platform is no longer reliant on a magnetic field. Therefore, position sensing is possible inside metal enclosures.


View our 3 axis gyro + 3 axis accelerometer.





This is a new product. WELLOG is working toward the next level of well logging tool design.   These tools will incorporate memory

logging features with RF download links using Bluetooth technology. The tools will contain rechargeable battery packs.





WELLOG is the first in the industry to offer IPT rechargeable well logging tools. Our tools are battery powered and rechargeable

without an electrical connection to the tool. The process is called Inductive Power Transfer (IPT). The logging tool is placed in an induction

coil housing that functions as a power transformer primary circuit. Located inside the tool housing is another induction coil which

functions as the transformer secondary circuit. This process is possible because WELLOG tools are contained in optional non-metal

tool housings. Metal tool housing are available for high pressure applications.


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