WELLOG is introducing a new borehole navigation tool.


When boreholes are drilled, they often deviate from the intended direction. Drills cutting through

rock formations, may cut in the direction of least resistance. The result is that the hole may not be developed

or drilled in the direction that was originally intended.




Engineers may need to drill a borehole to a specified location. Directional drilling is an example. Another example

includes the requirement to drill within limitations of property lines. Core holes drilled for the purpose of sampling

rock formations at specific locations in the earth require directional information to confirm the location of the





Accurate navigation information is important.


Course information is accurate within 0.5 degrees with 0.1 degree resolution.


Pitch and Roll information is accurate to less than one degree.




A Borehole navigation tool can measure the direction (Course) and inclination (Pitch) of a borehole. Using simple

trigonometry, it is possible to convert angles into rectangular coordinates. WELLOG has a Borehole Navigation

tool that has been designed to provide Borehole Navigation information.


Borehole Navigation illustration


Borehole Navigation Calculator





The WELLOG borehole Navigation tool uses specialized sensors. The sensors include 3 axis MEMs Gyros, 3 axis MEMs

accelerometers and 3 axis magnetometers. All of these sensors are integrated into a single sensor board and connected

to a 32 bit microprocessor. The microprocessor performs navigation calculations at 50 Million Instructions Per Second using

floating point math. A precision 24 bit a/d converter converts all sensor inputs.





WELLOG is marketing a Borehole Navigation tool with 8 Gigabyte SD Flash memory! This tool can be used without a

Wireline communication interface. The memory tool stores navigation data. It has in internal clock. The navigation data is stored with a

time stamp. On the surface, the operator simultaneously records depth and time. Measurements are correlated with the depth.

The result can be tabulated as required.


The Memory tool can store thousands of lines (sentences) of borehole navigation data.




The data is stored on SD FLASH in readable alpha-numeric form.


EXAMPLE: $C124.5P10.4R34.6T25.5*33


Every line begins with $.


C stands for Course. In this case, the course is 124.5 degrees.


P stands for Pitch. In this case, the pitch is 10.4 degrees.


R stands for Roll. In this case, the roll is 34.6 degrees.


T stands for temperature. In this case the temperature is 25.5 degrees Celsius.


* designates the end of the sentence


The last two characters represent an XOR checksum of the data contained in the sentence in hexadecimal format.




Slim-hole Memory Tools are available NOW!


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