Logging tool housings protect high value electronic systems that are deployed underground. The environment found in many wells can include high temperatures, high pressures and surrounding fluids and gasses that would damage or destroy instrumentation. A properly designed housing is an important consideration for any logging tool.


WELLOG has designed logging tool housings that meet the challenges found in almost every type of well.


Aluminum housings (small):


For most applications, our tool housings are made of T6511 aluminum meeting ASTM B241 standards. The tool head and bullnose are machined to close tolerance and employ TWO O-ring seals. Small diameter housings have 1.5 inch (37 mm) Outside diameter and are 36 inches in length.   Wall thickness is .188 inches. The bullnose is also made of aluminum and adds 1.30 inches to the total tool length. The tool head is machined from Aluminum and has a standard four pin “GO” (Gearhart-Owen) style connector that is compatible with most commercial logging systems. The tool head adds an additional length of 1.70 inches to the tool length. Over-all tool length is 39 inches.


Aluminum housings (Medium):


Applications that require larger instrumentation packages need a larger housing. A 2” (50 mm) outside diameter housing is available to accommodate increasing instrumentation sizes. The housing is 48 inches long and including bull nose and tool head has a length of 52 inches. Wall thickness and materials are the same as the small diameter tool housing. Cable connection is a standard GO style connection.


Stainless Steel housings are available.


Specialty housings are available in PVC, Brass, small diameter stainless steel and practically any size or diameter specified.


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