WELLOG                                 V30 LOGGER







The V30 logger is a multifunctional digital data acquisition and control system. It employs a High Performance 40 MHz (10 mips) microcontroller.





The V30 Logger communicates with a PC over a Serial RS-232 or USB port at 57,600 baud. It may also operate stand-alone.





The V30 logger has been tested using popular operating systems like Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Windows 7.


Platforms using versions of Windows Vista are not recommended.





The V30 logger can perform timed data acquisition using time as a reference.  For example, one sample per second, 30K samples per second, etc.

A data file containing the measured data and time of acquisition may be stored on a laptop, netbook pc, or desktop.


The V30 logger can perform data acquisition using position from a Global Position System (GPS). When data must be obtained over a wide area (grid) or while a vehicle is moving,

the V30 logger can measure and acquire data while simultaneously recording GPS position data. Contour mapping or GIS software can import files for later presentation.


The V30 logger can perform data acquisition using linear position. Linear position is obtained using a rotational encoder.

The encoder performs depth sensing in a borehole by sending pulses to the V30 logger.

A typical application is for example as used in well logging, borehole logging or pipeline/tubing surveys.





The V30 can generate programmable digital data to remotely control equipment in SCADA applications using radio transmitters.


The V30 performs control of bipolar voltages. Examples are on-off, positive-off-negative. These functions are included for use in specific geophysical applications.


The V30 can perform closed loop bipolar stepper motor control. Stepper motors are used in certain automated machining and control operations.


The V30 can perform AC or DC motor control for speed, position, and directional control of automated systems.


The V30 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) option performs analog control functions as are applied to analog power control.


The V30 DAC option allows generation of complex arbitrary waveforms.




The V30 can perform high speed data acquisition in simultaneous operations with power control activities.





Well logging. Downloading memory logging tool data to pc or surface geophysical data logging, signal acquisition, control and data download.


LOG PRESENTATION:     [TWO CHANNEL]                       [FOUR CHANNEL] 


Timed data logging. Voltage, speed, temperature monitoring.


Borehole well logging including stand-alone depth measurement and display or full strip chart recorder for logging and log presentation.


Surface - Geophysical electromagnetic pulse and continuous waveform transmitter control and data acquisition.


Geophysical Electrical resistivity system control and data acquisition.


Induced Polarization transmitter control and time domain acquisition.


Induced polarization transmitter control and frequency domain acquisition.





The V30 logger can perform sensing and control for robotic systems.


The V30 logger can control autonomous robotic systems including autonomous submarine and unmanned aerial vehicle applications.





The V30 logger includes an AC power adapter and serial/USB communications cable. Portable 12 volt DC power is optional.


An Optional USB adapter is available for applications that require USB interface to the PC.


WELLOG is developing many different accessories to interface the V30 to a variety of small signal environments and power control applications.


Optional high speed Digital to Analog Converter(s) and Programmable Gain Amplifiers offer mixed signal acquisition and control.


Optional Display:


WELLOG has optional seven segment or LCD display options including OLED 128 x 64 graphics available for stand-alone applications without PC.





Optional 8GB, 16GB SD Flash memory is available!





WELLOG has a website containing everything you need to know including specifications, information, hardware and software support for the WELLOG V30 Logger.


Contact WELLOG at info@wellog.com for more information.