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Virtual panels are panels that look like they are there – but really aren’t!


When you click on an icon, a virtual panel appears on the display monitor.  It looks like a common panel with the usual controls, displays, etc. In windows, a virtual panel can represent any type of panel used in any type of data logging application. The virtual panel typically has displays that show the user the types of things they need to see. The virtual panel also may have places to enter operator input. You touch the virtual panel with your mouse pointer and “click” to turn on, turn off and adjust settings. You may enter values into the panel through the keyboard.




While you are viewing the virtual panel on your display, software is operating in the background. When you “click” on a switch to turn something “on”, the software closes a relay or other device to make the switch closure happen in the hardware.





Because virtual panels are created using software, they may be upgraded, changed, re-wired and functionally improved with new software! This process is performed more quickly and with greater efficiency than having to modify hardware.




You want to measure the diameter of a well or borehole…


Click this link for a virtual caliper panel


Click this link for a virtual Gamma Ray Panel


Click this link for a virtual Tool Power Panel


Click this link for a virtual E-log panel


The virtual caliper panel displays the caliper output in inches and the depth of the caliper. The virtual panel has a calibration button. When the calibration button is pressed, a calibration window pops up. Calibration is performed and the calibration window is closed.  The virtual panel has two buttons one for open and another for close.  The buttons open or close the caliper arms when selected.  A start logging button begins the logging process. Pressing the “Exit” button stops logging. Data is logged to a data file during logging on a specified hard drive, floppy drive or flash memory device.




One type of occasional operator error is lowering the caliper tool to the bottom of the well, stopping, and starting up hole logging with the caliper arms closed.  Software included in the virtual caliper panel can remind the operator that the caliper arms are closed when the start logging button is pressed.


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