REVISED 11-25-2006


2003 - 2006 WELLOG



In order to help protect our environment:


WELLOG is helping find sources of groundwater contamination.


Monitoring wells:


Natural Gamma, E-log and Single Point Resistance Logs can be used to measure water quality in Monitoring Wells.


Water Wells:


Scintillation Gamma and Spectral Gamma tools provide better definition of radioactive contaminants in groundwater.


Water Sampling:


In-situ water Sampling can provide fast answers to water analysis.


WELLOG will sample and transport water samples directly to an analytical lab for fast analysis.


Oil and Petroleum contamination:


WELLOG has the tools to measure hydrocarbon content of the subsurface.


WELLOG has the tools to measure most of the factors that affect the quality of our environment.


You can contact info@wellog.com for information and answers to your environmental well logging questions.