WELLOG                                 Environmental Policy



Revised 5-22-2008

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Respect for our environment:


WELLOG recognizes the importance of operating in a manner that respects our environment. It is therefore our policy to perform in a manner that protects and improves our environment. WELLOG is a proactive partner in improving our environment.


It is our goal to leave the environment in a condition that will benefit present and future generations.


Respect for animal species:


WELLOG and its employees are not involved in hunting or fishing for wild animals. WELLOG discourages the abuse or unnecessary killing of any wild animals. WELLOG encourages wild game protection, conservation and management.


Respect for plant species:


WELLOG recognizes the importance of diverse plant life in our environment. WELLOG is not involved in cutting down trees, clearing of vegetation, or other activities harmful to plant species.


Respect for air quality:


WELLOG discourages and is not involved in activities that contribute to air pollution and/or to Green House gas emissions.


Respect for water quality:


WELLOG is actively involved in maintaining and protecting our valuable water resources. WELLOG supports activities that improve water quality.


Respect for energy needs:


WELLOG is researching new ways of generating alternative energy sources. One area is generation of Hydrogen as a free byproduct.