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REVISED 10-31-2009

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INNOVATION begins with a willingness to be creative.  Some call it “thinking outside the box”.


WELLOG can adapt to the needs of our customers.


Examples of innovation:


1. Multi-electrode E-log that scans horizontal pseudo-sections of surrounding formations.


2. Multi-frequency E-Log that explores resistivity at separate discreet frequencies.


3. Well Video with simultaneous geophysical data overlay.


4. Well Video with GPS overlay.


5. Spectral Gamma log for “rock type” identification.


6. Incorporation of DSP’s (Digital Signal Processors) into Logging tool design.


WELLOG understands the importance of tradition. WELLOG uses proven and accepted Geophysical methods.


WELLOG knows in order to grow and meet new demands we must be creative, adapt and improve.


WELLOG listens to the voices of our customers. If you have a special need, we will help you find a solution!


WELLOG is looking for others who share an interest in seeing the unseen and going beyond traditional thinking.


If you are looking for a company willing to be a partner in innovating ideas – ask WELLOG!