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WELLOG has extensive experience in the design and development of instrumentation. Instrumentation can provide solutions to many of the measurement challenges that occur in our world and outside! Instrumentation may be needed for measurement of extra-terrestrial events, atmospheric events, observations in the laboratory, in the field, in a manufacturing environment, of glacier movement, volcanic activity, engine performance, geophysical, practically any natural or man-made activity.


Extra-terrestrial events occur continually. Astronomical observations require telescope positioning. Computer based positioning allows precision movement of telescopes in order to compensate for relative movement and changes in position of astronomical bodies. Instrumentation in the form of spectroscopic sensors give valuable scientific information.


Atmospheric instrumentation is used in monitoring atmospheric conditions and in atmospheric research. WELLOG is actively involved in Radiosonde development. WELLOG is positioned to assist in atmospheric research and monitoring. WELLOG is concerned about the environment. WELLOG is developing particulate sensors and other sensors for measurement of polluting gases and atmospheric radioactivity. WELLOG is actively involved in lightning detection programs.


Laboratory instrumentation takes many forms. From analytical chemistry, colorimetry, spectrometry, including measurement in real time of any physical property in a reactive process, WELLOG can provide the instrumentation.

In the field, WELLOG can provide durable, field worthy instrumentation. Short term, battery operated, rechargeable, solar powered instrumentation for practically any application. Moisture monitoring instrumentation for Forestry and other agricultural requirements. Water level and water quality monitoring for commercial and private water wells. Power monitoring in electrical distribution systems. Flow measurement in commercial water distribution systems. Vehicle traffic monitoring as well as human and other animal traffic monitoring on roads and trails.


Manufacturing instrumentation for in-process testing of electronic equipment. Measurement of all electronic parameters, ac voltages and currents,

Dc voltages and currents, frequency, noise.


Voltage and current control of electronic battery charging systems, current control, and power control.


Glacier movement instrumentation is a valuable tool for scientific study of glacial flow.


Volcanic activity can be monitored in order to provide an early warning of increasing volcanic activity.


Engine performance instrumentation for automotive, motorcycle, marine, aircraft, recreational vehicle monitoring and control can provide important information for racing applications as well as the casual user.


Geophysical applications involving surface and subsurface systems. Surface geophysical systems comprise electrical, gravity, magnetic, seismic, and radioactive measurements and their associated instrumentation. Subsurface systems include two distinct applications. Open-hole applications where a well is open (not cased) requires instrumentation that can measure electrical, acoustical, density, radioactive, and other physical properties of the earth. Cased-hole applications include a well with casing installed and are related to production of water, oil or gas. The latter instrumentation includes measurement of cement quality where it applies, flow, temperature, fluid resistance, or resistivity and fluid density. Visit our other pages on these subjects.



WELLOG has an instrumentation solution for practically any possible natural or man-made requirement.


Contact WELLOG for solutions to your instrumentation needs at solutions@wellog.com.