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WELLOG believes that mining is a vital part of our world economy. Mining provides the modern conveniences that make our way of living and standard of living possible. Mining provides jobs and resources that help make our economy grow.


WELLOG also believes it is possible to satisfy our continued need for commodities while keeping our social values and preserving the environment.


WELLOG maintains and practices a strict environmental policy.




WELLOG operates several mining properties and is continually exploring new mining properties. Three mining properties are currently owned and operated by WELLOG in Alaska. WELLOG and Stampede Gold Resources, LLC are mining precious metals. Geophysical tools and analytic/interpretation of surveys is an on-going effort of Alaska Gold Exploration, LLC.




WELLOG is expanding exploration of its mining properties in Central Alaska. Our recent work has been directed toward Ophir Creek. Ophir Creek is a past gold producer having produced over 66,000 ounces of placer gold. Our affiliate, Ophir Mining Company, LLC holds Alaska State mining claims on Ophir Creek. A neighboring placer gold property, the Little Creek placer gold property has recently been added to our portfolio. Little Creek has past production of over 50,000 ounces of placer gold. Additional properties are planned for acquisition and exploration during Q1 2016. Visit http://www.stampede-gold.com




WELLOG has extensive experience in mineral exploration, discovery, claim staking, land ownership, title search, property evaluation and mine development including mine planning, permitting, and production. Exploration and discovery of new precious metals deposits is our primary goal. The application of reliable, cost-effective geophysical instrumentation is a key element in exploration and discovery.


Large scale…


Traditional discovery of large scale mining properties has been done by major mining companies financially positioned to expend large amounts of capital. Mining properties must meet certain large scale criterion to qualify as being worthy of capital expenditure.


The trend in junior mining companies:


The trend in junior mineral exploration and mining is to organize a group of professional geologists, accounting professionals, attorneys into a corporation. Juniors solicit investors, offer stock through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). They expend venture capital to explore for valuable mineral commodities. Qualified mineral targets are usually specified in terms of tens of millions of tons. 


Small scale…


Exploration on a small scale involves only a few individuals. Individuals referred to as “prospectors” are motivated to go out into the field and prospect for valuable mineral deposit. Most individual prospectors are usually not sufficiently trained in the identification of mineral environments, mineral type identification, sampling methods, chemical assay processes, and other subject areas required to reasonably assure success in prospecting.


A Window of opportunity:


There is a window of opportunity in the mining industry for individuals or companies to explore the shallow subsurface for mineral commodities. Small exploration companies comprised of skilled, technically trained individuals having combined expertise, using appropriate exploration tools fit into a unique group. Low cost exploration efforts combined with diligent research can have a high probability of success.




Modern precision GPS GIS mapping methods allow accurate definition of mining claims on a valid mineral discovery. WELLOG uses survey methods that provide exact, complete, efficient coverage of mining properties.




WELLOG can assist in valuation of mining properties. Economic feasibility is controlled by many factors. Definition of mineralization in three dimensions, sampling, characterization of quality and quantity of ore, beneficiation and market factors are all part of the process of evaluation.


Consideration of the investment required and calculation of the return on that investment must include many costs and risk factors.


Compliance with current national Securities and Exchange Commission requirements help pave the way to “going public”. 




In order for metals to get into the marketplace, they must be extracted from raw ore.  “Ore” by definition, implies that the economics of a given mineral deposit show potential for profitability. Profitability is controlled in many cases, by the cost of extraction. Depending on the type of mineralization, oxide, sulfide, placer, etc.; extraction is performed thru a pyrometalurgic, hydrometalurgic or gravity process. Initial processing includes the process of crushing, milling and concentration. Often, floatation is used to concentrate the metal content.


Electrochemical processes are often utilized to extract the metal from a solution which ultimately results in a refined metal.




WELLOG operates a custom milling facility strategically located in the southwest. Primary crushing, milling and concentration of precious metals from mines in the southwest is accomplished at this facility.




Marketing involves the issues surrounding buying and selling. The commodities markets are continually on the move. Metals prices are affected by global conditions of supply and demand. Metals are in demand and buyers are ready to purchase primary metals entering the market. WELLOG has experience with negotiation of contracts with primary copper ore smelters.


WELLOG recognizes its position in the supply chain. Precious metals are commodities subject to supply chain economics. In order to succeed in the market, WELLOG strives to keep the commodities under its control within the demanding economic and quality controls expected.




Experienced mining companies know the importance of analytical tools. WELLOG operates a complete modern, computerized assay laboratory. Being first in exploration requires fast turn-around on assays. WELLOG uses an AA Spectrometer with certified calibration standards and a rigorous quality control program.


Metal Prices:


For current metal prices check out this link: http://www.kitco.com


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