WELLOG                                 SOCIAL POLICY




Revised 1-21-2007

© 2007 WELLOG



Our social policy is a statement of our understanding of the importance of being a good neighbor, helping the rest of the world and appreciation of the concept of multiple use of our resources.




WELLOG shares a responsibility to work in a manner that is constructive to everyone.  Because natural resources are important to our survival and development of our civilization, WELLOG is committed to that end. WELLOG is endeavoring to increase the quality of live for our neighbors. Where possible, WELLOG is reaching out into the rest of the world to provide training and understanding about how we can improve our quality of life by improving our water resources, measuring the resources within our earth and determining the best choices in using those resources to benefit mankind.




WELLOG understands the importance of recreation, ranching and mining. Our world should be accessible for enjoyment and use by everyone that has a desire to go into the public lands. In support of the concept of multiple-use, WELLOG is proactive in communicating with and contribution toward other persons, companies and government agencies to cooperate in the management of our public lands.




WELLOG contributes time and financial support toward associations that are responsible stewards of our natural resources. Our association with other professionals allows us and them to communicate and share ideas and knowledge.


If you have questions or need information about our social policy, feel free to contact info@wellog.com